Assembly Maintenance

Assembly and maintenance activities have a lot of importance for us.
OLIVERO assembly activity can concern both single machines and complete plants in Customer’s establishment, whether they are provided directly by the Customer or they have been designed by the same OLIVERO.
We can perform machine or complete plant repositioning activities with disassembly and subsequent reassembly in the same Customer establishment or in another national or foreign headquarter.
We can move big loads thanks to our lifting vehicles and equipment.

Here are a brief list of our machines:
  • Galizia 20T (electrical)
  • Galizia 12T (electrical)
  • Valla 5T (electrical)
  • Manitou 50T (diesel fuel)

Depending on the type of activity, a “Declaration of installation in a workmanlike manner” or “Declaration of Conformity” will be issued according to current regulations.
In the case of plant or machinery disposal, we can provide to the dismantling, taking also care of all material disposal according to current regulations.
Thanks to continuously updated qualified workers, OLIVERO can perform mechanical and electrical maintenance activities, providing to manpower and to all the needed spare parts for machine or plant recovery.
Required spare parts can be both commercial, and custom, and they can be produced in series or in individual unit.
Because of the great variety of our Customers’ companies, our personnel is constantly trained to be able to work in any business environment.

Here are some of location kinds where we can operate:

  • Work at height
  • Work in confined spaces
  • Work in ATEX areas
  • Work in high-temperature environments

To ensure the intervention rapidity, OLIVERO has an in-house carpentry production department and a precision machining department, to create any non-commercial component in a short time.