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Veicoli speciali / PRML4-6


PRML 4-6 is an electric powered self-propelled vehicle especially designed for the transfer and boarding of Passengers with reduced mobility on aircraft, whether on wheelchair or stretcher in a safe, quick and easy way. If compared to the traditional "ambulift", PRML 4-6 offers important advantages. From the point of view of versatility and polyvalence, it is suitable for "Executive" jets and for long haul planes: it fits any plane door thanks to the variable height of the cabin and to the telescopic extension (electrically controlled) of the gangway. It can be driven by a joystick for an easy use; moreover, because of the absence of stabilizers, it is possible to drive it when cabin is lifted. A single-operator is needed to drive the platform and to attend to passengers: driver's seat is inside the cabin, that is closed and it has glass windows, seats, carpet, or any other accessory required by customer. Thanks to its width with its compact dimensions, it can transport up to 4 PRM in wheelchair with 2 attendants (or 1 stretcher with a maximum of 4 attendants). It is electrically powered (and hybrid on request), so, it is economical and ecological and it requires very little and simplified maintenance.



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